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All catalytic converters have an individual value and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise! This is why we ask for the manufacturer part number to provide accurate quotes for catalytic converters. With the number of different makes and models out there it can be hard to identify the correct part number which is why we offer on-site grading services where one of our specialist team of graders will visit your site and assess your stock for a no obligation accurate valuation. 

Once back at our facility your stock is processed in preparation for the precious metals to be extracted and once again be re-used in industry. We also constantly quality test the catalytic converters to ensure our pricing values are as accurate and competitive as possible. 

You the supplier make all of this possible which is why Catcon UK focus on providing an excellent level of customer service, our main interest is to build long term business relationships putting the customer at the heart of what we do on a daily basis.

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For batteries, alternators, starter motors and other auto core product recycling services please contact us. 


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*Note all catalytic converter prices are calculated based on metal scrap prices from the LME

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Three fundamental factors determine the amount of platinum group metals 

(pgm)  used  in  the  autocatalyst  sector:  vehicle  production  rates,  fuel  type,  

and emissions legislation. Use of pgm by the automotive industry has steadily 

increased as population growth and greater prosperity have raised demand 

for new vehicles while at the same time legislation has set ever-tighter limits 

on exhaust emissions. Generally, as emission controls become increasingly 

strict, more pgm are needed per vehicle to lower the pollutant content of the 

exhaust gas. Emissions standards are tightest in North America, Europe and 

Japan, which are the most developed markets with the highest ownership of 

vehicles per capita. These three regions, therefore, account for the majority 

of  autocatalyst  pgm  demand  today,  with  the  major  emerging  markets  of  

China, Brazil and India steadily increasing their global share. China is now 

the world’s largest vehicle producing nation and although Chinese demand 

for  pgm  in  autocatalysts  currently  lags  behind  that  of  North  America  and  

Europe, it will rise in importance in coming years due to continuing growth 

in vehicle production in the country and increasingly tighter emissions limits 

proposed there