Recycling Catalytic converters

  • Catcon UK are specialists when it comes to precious metal recovery from catalytic converters. Our extensive knowledge of recovering the best possible returns from catalyst material enables us to offer accurate pricing on thousands of individual catalytic converters.


  • As a company we constantly re-invest into our operations to grow and enable us to serve you the customer with the best possible service levels. We understand that receiving the best price possible for your stock is important to you which is why our testing methods are constantly scrutinized and repeated to ensure our test results are providing accurate purchasing values. 

  • Our live catalogue system updates the converter prices in line with the LME (London Metal Exchange) so our customers can rest easy knowing that their pricing is up to date. (Our catalogue system of catalytic converters is available for customers providing material for recycle repeatedly, if you have any enquiries relating to this please call us) 

  • Why not compare us with any existing buyer or company you are using? All business enquiries are kept confidential. 

How do Catalytic converters work?

Check out this great video to gain a bit more understanding of catalysts, how they function and their various forms.

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